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On the Northern shores of Lake Malawi lies Chitimba Camp. Chitimba is a village situated 122 km south of the Malawi/Tanzania border at Karonga, and 143 km from the capital of the north, Mzuzu.

The lodge/campsite is set on a beautiful golden sandy beach, amongst banana palms and papaya trees, surrounded by the famous Livingstonia and Nyika mountains. It lies off a tarmac road that runs straight through the country, from the border of Tanzania all the way to the capital city of Lilongwe. Chitimba Camp is the first (heading south) or last (heading North) stop in Malawi for overlanders.

As you enter the property through a large wooden gate the main focus is the large thatched bar/restaurant/lounge. On the right side of the 1.8 hectares are 8 single rooms, 7 twins rooms, 2 double rooms and a dorm with 4 beds. On the beach you'll find a block with  4 basic en-suite rooms and 5 luxury en-suite rooms are divided over the property. There is space for 80 tents and there is a separate toilet en shower block for males and females.

If you have booked in advance, we will do our utmost to provide hot water in all showers in the evenings. Please do not forget that we are also dependent on external factors such as electricity, diesel, etc.

The lodge/campsite is mostly visited by overland trucks, backpackers and by independent travelers with own transport. During the day (from 6:00 am. till  18:00 pm.) it is possible for people to visit Chitimba camp to have a drink or eat something. Because of poor reception we don't accept credit cards only cash payments.


Together with our staff we are running Chitimba Camp.

We employ 22 people al from Chitimba village or the nearby area.

Chitimba is a small village at lake Malawi. 

Surrounded by the famous livingstone mountains.

Feel free to just wander around or take our guided tours.


Malawi is a long, narrow country situated in the southern part of the East African Rift Valley and lying between 9 and 17 degrees south of the equator.

Its area is over 118000 km2 of which one fifth is taken up by Lake Malawi.

It is land-locked, cradled by Mozambique in the east, south and southwest, with Zambia to the west and Tanzania to the north/north-east.

Lake Malawi is Africa’s third largest lake and the world’s ninth largest.

Besides the magnificent Lake, Malawi offers visitors five National Parks and several smaller wildlife parks.

Also available are: modern, comfortable hotels, lodges and campsite; varied recreational facilities and magnificent scenery including high mountain plateaus throughout the country.

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